Mind, Body & Soil - Sundays 1 PM EDT

Mind, Body & Soil is a Root in Nature Therapeutic Horticulture Course delivered by Kristin from Sweetlife Flora.

Instructor: Kristin ToppingLanguage: English

About the course

Mind, Body & Soil is a series of five weekly one-hour virtual sessions that teach you how to kickstart your garden, while promoting mental and emotional wellbeing.

This course will take place on Sunday Afternoons at 1 PM EDT.

Dates:  July 9, 16, 23, 30, & August 13, 2023.  (No session August long weekend)


Follow along with Horticultural Therapy Practitioner Kristin Topping as we explore these session topics:

Kitchen Gardening: Saving seeds, assessing the self, the environment and building as a safe space;

Emotions and Choices in the Garden: Companion planting, colour theory and emotional naming;

Seed Starting and Choosing Plants: Seed starting demo, assessing the garden space and goal setting;

Plants and People: Plant care, self-care, and communication; and

Transition and Change: Transplanting and handling change.


Cost: $150 - materials below not included*


The materials you will need for full participation are:

Fruits and/or vegetables that you can harvest seeds from (pepper, tomato, etc.)

Plate for drying seeds on

Nursery or fibre pots for planting seeds

A mixing bowl (for soil preparation)

Garden soil and water

Spoon or another scooping utensil

Optional pen/paper/colouring materials


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